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Sample preparation

  • Homogenizer  -  Tissue Ruptor, Tissuelyser LT, TissueLyser II
  • Automated DNA extraction  -  QIAcube, EZ1 advanced/EZ1 advanced XL, QIAsymphony
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Assay set up & DNA quantification

  • Liquid handling robot (QIAgility)
  • Real time PCR (Rotor-GeneQ)
  • Investigator quantiplex/ HYres kit
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Human Identity Assays (HID Assays)

  • Investigator® IDplex GO Kit
  • Investigator® IDplex Plus Kit
  • Investigator® 24plex GO Kit
  • Investigator® 24plex QS kit
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Rapid stain identification kit (RSID)

  • RSID  -  saliva, blood, urine, semen
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Sperm identification kit (Sperm HY-LITR)

  • Fluorescent Detection of Sperm From Sexual Assault Evidence
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Rapid human DNA identification instrument (RAPID HIT)

  • The RapidHIT System is the first fully automated sample-to-answer system for STR-based human identification. Now samples processed using our GlobalFiler® Express cartridges can be uploaded to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).
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